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Information based on art. 325 from the Code of Insurance

AKORT EOOD is an insurance broker who has more than 15 years of experience as an insurance intermediary, developing solid relationships with clients – natural persons and legal entities and loyal partnerships with Bulgarian and international market. Guided by our striving to be fair and transparent and in fulfillment of our legal obligations /Art. 325 of the Code of Insurance/, we hereby provide you – our clients – beneficiaries of insurance services, with the following information that is important to you and relevant to our current and future relationships:

As an insurance broker, the company operates under the company name AKORT EOOD, with its registered office and headquarter in 1000 Sofia, 10, Vitosha Bld., fl. 4, off. 16.

AKORT EOOD is entered in the register under Art. 30, para. 1, item 12 of the Law on the Financial Supervision Commission, for which it was issued a Certificate No 707 – ZB /22.07.2020. The listing and current registration of the broker can be checked on the website of the Financial Supervision Commission www.fsc.bg, chapter “Registers and reports”, section “Electronic register and filing cabinet”, register “Insurance brokers”.

AKORT EOOD does not directly or through related parties hold more than 10 percent of the votes in the general meeting or the capital of an insurer.

An insurer or parent company of an insurer does not directly or through related parties hold shares or units representing more than 10 percent of the votes in the general meeting or of the capital of AKORT EOOD.

Complaints from users of insurance services and other interested parties against AKORT EOOD may be filed in writing, in the broker’s office or by mail, to the address mentioned above, as well as by email office@akort-ins.eu After reviewing the complaint and, if necessary, after receiving additional documents and information from you, AKORT EOOD will respond to you in writing within one month from receipt of your complaint. Of course, it is in the interest of both parties – broker and client – that the dispute be resolved out of court, for which we at AKORT EOOD will make the necessary efforts.

Akort Ins

As a user of insurance services or a person with insurable interest, you can file a complaint against an insurance broker AKORT EOOD with the Financial Supervision Commission at: 1000, 16 Budapest Street, or FSC’s e-mail address: delovodstvo@fsc.bg , as well as before the Consumer Protection Commission by submitting an electronic form on the CPC website www.kzp.bg or in person at regional centers of the Labor Code in the country.

AKORT EOOD, when performing insurance mediation, represents the user of insurance services on the basis of a contract of assignment.

AKORT EOOD has no contractual obligation to perform insurance mediation exclusively for one or more insurers and does not provide its advice in accordance with Art. 325a, para. 5 of the Code of Insurance and may carry out insurance mediation for all insurers entitled to carry on business in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, including the right of establishment and freedom to provide services;

For the insurance mediation performed, as a result of which an insurance contract was concluded AKORT EOOD receives a remuneration, which according to Art. 301, para. 3 of the Code of Insurance is included in the insurance premium and is payable by the insurer.

In connection with the insurance contract AKORT EOOD works against a commission paid by the insurer, and in certain cases against a fee whose amount, reason and method of payment are agreed in writing in a contract of assignment.