Property Insurance For Legal Entities

Company managers may run into various adverse, unanticipated situations resulting in considerable material loss and disturbance of the business. The conviction that “this will not happen to us” is a source of false comfort, whereas standard precautionary measures may prove insufficient. A manager with a foresight will first seek a partner to assist and compensate the business in such situations. We are brokering insurance covers for:


The insurance policy Property Damage for Legal Entities ensures protection for your operational resources – buildings, machinery, equipment, products, stock, inventories, etc., against loss as a result of:

  • Fire, incl. consequences from fire extinguishing, explosion, lightning, falling aircraft or components thereof;
  • Natural perils: storm, hurricane, hail, flood, falling trees and branches as a result of natural perils;
  • Land subsidence or landslide;
  • Pressure from natural accumulation of snow or ice;
  • Drench as a result of breakdown of water supply, sewerage, heating, or steam installation and connected appliances;
  • Malicious acts of third parties (vandalism);
  • Impact from a motor vehicle or animal;
  • Flood;
  • Earthquake;
  • Burglary theft and robbery.

The Insurer also reimburses additional costs associated with the occurrence of an insured event – debris removal, dismantling or demolition, fencing or reinforcement, fees for architects and/or experts.

In combination with the covers above, the Insurer offers conclusion of the following additional insurance:

  • Business Interruption, with an opportunity to extend the cover for the risk of Business Interruption due to Machinery Breakdown
  • Machinery Breakdown
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Deterioration of goods in refrigeration units
  • Liabilities, incl. General Public Liability, Tenant’s Liability, Employer’s Liability, Product Liability


This cover is provided as an individual clause under the comprehensive Property insurance /see Property Damage/.

The insurer provides insurance cover against Loss of Gross income (net income + normal operating expenses), as a result of a business interruption caused by the occurrence of an insured event which has led to the following, separately or together:

  • decrease in sales turnover;
  • additional expenses incurred for urgent measures taken after the event, for maintaining the same or different sales turnover;

You can select and agree on different periods subject to compensation:

  • 6 months
  • 12 months
  • 18 months
  • Up to 24 months
  • other as agreed

The deductible paid by the Insured as part of the loss may be specified as a percentage, an amount, or a number of days for which the insurer does not owe indemnity.

The sum insured is determined on the basis of the financial results of your company and it corresponds to the estimated amount of gross profit that would be affected in case of an insurance event, over the agreed period subject to compensation.