Home Insurance

For most people the purchase of their own home and its furnishings is the most important investment in their life and certainly this investments needs to be protected. The standard forms of protection may not be fully sufficient. To ensure utmost protection for the property of its customers, THE INSURER offers the Comprehensive insurance policy HOME INSURANCE:

This insurance product is designed for:

  • Apartments
  • Houses
  • Other buildings and special constructions – garages, barns, sheds, glasshouses, cattle-sheds, fences, gates, open grounds, pavements etc.

THE INSURER offers an opportunity for combining a large number of risks in order to achieve the optimum cover for the real estate and moveable property of the Insured:

Clause A:

  1. fire;
  2. explosion;
  3. lightning strike;
  4. natural perils: storm, hurricane, hail, torrential rain, incl. damage from falling trees and branches as a result of natural perils;
  5. drench as a result of breakdown of water supply, sewerage, heating, or steam installation and connected appliances (incl. from forgotten open valves);
  6. malicious acts of third parties, vandalism (incl. arson and/or malicious use of explosive devices and materials);
  7. impact from a road vehicle, an aircraft with a crew, falling components or cargo from it;
  8. additional expenses for removal of the consequences of an insurance event.

Clause B:


Clause C:


Clause D:

Burglary theft

Clause E:

Third party liability

Clause F:

Rent for alternative accommodation

Clause G: 

Personal Accident of a member of a family/household

THE INSURER enables the insurance to be concluded on the basis of one of the following five options with different sums insured, or in accordance with the specific needs of the Insured. Against payment of additional premium THE INSURER allows the insurance cover to be extended by the following clauses:

Clause I:

Loss of rental income

Clause J: 

Short circuit and current rush of electrical installations and/or appliances

Clause K: 

Theft by use of technical devices

Clause L: 

Pressure from natural accumulation of snow or ice

Clause M: 

Damage due to attempted burglary or robbery

The annual insurance premium can be paid one-off or in four equal deferred installments, with no increase of the premium Insurance premium is due in full or in four equal installments, without increase of the insurance premiums offered. Conclusion of the insurance policy is streamlined, without preliminary inspection by specialist.