So much depends on Reputation

“Reputation is like a diamond, not everyone can dig it, but the ones who did are now successful. So much depends on it, such as people who will respect us, enemies who will fear us and fans who will love us.

The first impression is something real and it is the most important thing when we meet new people. How do we dress, how do we look, do we are nervous, weak or lazy. And if we seem in people’s eyes like a serious persons, we will always get a positive future.

The thing with reputation is about the speed that could lead us to the top, make us feel like never before. But it can also bury us underground and leave us there forever. One wrong step and we can see ourself falling down the rabbit hole.

No one can be perfect, but we can make ourself look perfect. We have always been stupid, when we see the well-dressed person with beatiful smile and courage, and we are instantly sure that he is a professional, but sometimes these guy can’t even cook. Proof the person before trust to insure that hi is a professional. “

Nikolay Todorov