Carrier’s Liability

This insurance covers carrier’s liability claims for loss or damage to goods during road transportation with owned and/or rented motor vehicles, in accordance with the provisions of:

  1.  the CMR Convention – for international carriage;
  2. the Road Transport Law – for carriage on the territory of Bulgaria;
  3. the legislation on road transportation in specific European countries where cabotage carriage is permitted.

The liability of the Insurer for each insurance event, irrespective of the number of beneficiaries, is limited to an amount per kilogram of gross weight of missing or damaged cargo, in accordance with the selected cover.

This insurance covers:

  • Costs incurred by the Insured for limiting the amount of damage after an insurance event, while acting with the necessary due care for the event, even if the Insured’s efforts were unsuccessful;
  • Costs incurred by the Insured for storage of the goods for a period of up to 48 (forty eight) hours following a traffic accident and/or fire;
  • Costs incurred for surveys by loss adjustors and the issuance of the respective survey documents.

Under specific conditions, the insurance cover can be extended with the following additional covers:

  • Cabotage carriage on the territory of Germany;
  • Loss/damage of a container due to a traffic accident, fire and/or theft;
  • Loss/damage of a trailer/semitrailer due to a traffic accident, fire and/or theft;
  • Carriage of goods with refrigerated motor vehicles;
  • Transport of new/used passenger cars;
  • Damage caused by illegal passengers;
  • Recovery of freight costs;
  • Expenses for cleaning the roadway or for disposal of the damaged cargo;
  • Delays past the deadline for delivery;
  • Theft of the cargo together with the motor vehicle or combination freight vehicle;
  • Carriage of new/used heavy or oversized goods;
  • Carriage of dangerous goods of Class 1 of the ADR;
  • General Average and salvage costs.

The cover may be provided for a period of 1 (one) year, a shorter period, or for an individual carriage.