Car insurance occupies a major share of general insurance and enjoys a wide public knowledge of the products, due to the mandatory nature of the car liability insurance, as well as the experience of persons in motor vehicle damage related to Casco insurance.

The following types of automotive insurances are structurally defined:

  • Casco
  • Motor third party liability (MTPL)
  • accident to the car passengers
  • Extended warranty
  • Car assistance on the territory of the country
  • Car assistance abroad


For many of us, buying a home and furnishing it is an important step in our lives and involves many additional investments. But we often fail to defend it in the best way, relying on luck. The precautions we most often take when installing an alarm, metal doors, window / door grilles or becoming a customer of a security company are not always enough to protect us from unwanted events.

In our desire to protect our property for the most common risks, we forget or ignore the risks of Earthquake and Theft through burglary and technical means. There are data that show that Bulgaria has a high seismic activity, and thefts through burglary and use of technical means, as well as malicious actions on our property are becoming more frequent.

Object of insurance are:

Real estate:

  • Buildings or part of a building intended for living – apartments and houses, permanently inhabited / massive and semi-massive /, studios, shops, offices, garages, warehouses, which are not intended for living ;
  • Villa buildings – massive and semi-massive;;
  • Special type equipment such as antennas, solar heating systems, fences, etc. ,

Movable assets:

  • Furniture, personal and other items used in the household;
  • Household el. assets;
  • Audiovisual and electronic equipment;
  • Works of art of high value, personal documents, cash, etc.


The activity of the Legal entity is important to be provided by adequate insurance coverage, meeting the specific requirements of the industry. Usually insured have been:

  • buildings, or part of a building, machinery and equipment, electronic equipment, goods in stock, finished products, materials, office furniture and el. equipment;
  • Industrial fire, Property damages, Machine accidents, Interruption of activity, Insurance of Electronic equipment etc;


Weather forecasting has an important place in properly determining the risks on the road, especially those that can be caused by changing weather conditions. It also has its significant influence in avoiding numerous insurance events that would lead to damages and headaches. Be informed and prepared: