International Travel Assistance

With ‘International Travel Assistance’  insurance you get:

  • around-the-clock qualified medical care, transport to a medical facility and medication in case of sudden illness or accident during your travel or stay abroad;
  • compensation upon occurrence of an insurance event, within the overall limit of liability defined in the insurance contract;
  • reimbursement of costs incurred as a result of an insurance event;
  • professional and responsive service in the event of losses or damages by international assistance company.

“International travel assistance” Insurance can be obtained by any citizen of and permanent resident in the Republic of Bulgaria, in good health aged between 1 and 74 years at the date of the insurance. Older citizens can be insured under certain conditions.

The insurance is valid worldwide, except within your country of nationality or permanent residence. Through specialized international assistance company, provides you with fast and qualified assistance in accordance with the chosen conditions and coverage limits.

What is covered by the insurance?

“International Travel Assistance” Insurance covers the risks of adverse insurance events grouped into options as follows:

“Option A”

In case of incident or acute illness, medical expenses incurred abroad related to:

  • transportation via medical transportation to the nearest hospital or doctor;
  • outpatient treatment;
  • fees of doctors or other medical personnel;
  • hospitalization;
  • testing;
  • diagnostic radiology;
  • medication and medicines prescribed by a doctor, which are deemed necessary and part of the treatment;
  • emergency dental care in case of an abscess, pulpitis or tooth extraction;
  • repatriation expenses.


“Option B”

includes the risks covered under “Option A” along with the following additional risks:

  • costs for transportation of remains;
  • death and permanent disability as a result of an accident;
  • daily expenses upon hospitalization;
  • theft, loss or delay of baggage;
  • flight delay;
  • rescue charges;
  • legal expenses;
  • third party liability.

Other insurance coverage and limits can be included in the insurance contract upon customer request and insurers approval, simply by issuing an Annex. The insurance premium and liability limit are subject to further negotiation.

“Multitrip” coverage for multiple trips abroad within a single calendar year. This coverage is suitable for persons who travel abroad frequently or for those who cross the Bulgarian border more than once within a calendar year.

The insurance is valid for an unlimited number of trips abroad, the duration of each not exceeding:

  • an effective stay of 30 calendar days;
  • an effective stay of 60 calendar days;
  • an effective stay of 90 calendar days.

Insurance coverage for each trip is not longer that the selected period, effective from the date of crossing the border of the Republic of Bulgaria upon departure until the date of crossing the border upon return.

Choose the coverage that most closely matches your needs.

How to get insurance?

The insurance can be obtained by choosing one of the following:

  • Basic coverage – Option A;
  • Advanced coverage – Option B;;
  • “Multitrip” Coverage


What is the insurance period?

The insurance can be for a period of between 1 and 365 days.

What is the sum insured?

The sum insured is the total limit of liability, which the insurer covers. It is determined in Euro and is negotiable between you and the Insurer depending on the chosen option and the limits described in the Terms of the insurance.

The liability of the insurer on a specific insurance contract cannot exceed the agreed total limit.

Indemnity for a specific risk cannot exceed the limit of liability for that risk established in the General Conditions.

What is the insurance premium?

The size of the premium is determined in Euro based on insurers current tariffs, and payment is made in BGN equivalent calculated at the BNB daily exchange rate on the date of signing of the insurance contract. The amount depends on the period of insurance, the selected covered risks and the liability limit.

The insurance premium is paid in a single installment upon signing the insurance contract. The following are applied to the premium and vary:


  • depending on the age of the insured, the number of insured persons, and if staying abroad is related to:
  • physical work;
  • practicing high-risk sports.


  • upon renewal of the insurance contract and when no damages were reported over the previous year;
  • for corporate clients;
  • for group travel.

NB: Use of the international assistance company services is mandatory in cases of insurance events occurring in Turkey!

In case you fail to notify the insurer in time or you do but do not visit the medical facility specified by insurer, you will need to cover the charges incurred for the rendered emergency care yourself. Following this you will need to file a claim with the insurer to reimburse these.

If you have not made use of insurance services, you must contact and notify the insurer within 7 days.

You must also:

  • provide evidence of the occurrence of the insurance event and your claim to the insurer in terms of grounds and size.
  • observe instructions provided by the insurer, and assist in determining the compensation amount;
  • notify the insurer, if expenses have been incurred or covered by medical schemes, health insurance companies, other insurers, government or private medical program and others.

In case of luggage theft you must:

  • eclare and provide evidence of this at the local police or other authorized authority within 24 hours of the theft. The document issued by the relevant authorities must be presented to the insurer along with a declaration;
  • prove the existence and value of the stolen items following the procedure established by the respective institutions.

In case of filing claims for loss or delay of baggage you must:

  • submit invoices for the purchase of basic necessities, declaration or statement describing the reasons for the delay or loss of the baggage issued by the airline along with your flight ticket.

In case of filing claims for a delayed flight you must:

  • present a declaration or statement describing the reasons for the delay of the flight, issued by the airline along with your flight ticket.

Indemnity Insurance

Provided that you have not used the services of the international assistance company, the indemnity shall be determined and paid after verification of the complete original set of documents as detailed in the Insurance Terms, submitted by you and proving the occurrence of the insurance event.