Damage Claims

Services from Akort Ltd. in case of client damage:

WITH US, YOU DO NOT WAIT AND SPEAK TO A CALL CENTER OR THROUGH DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES, but to insurance experts with over 15 years of experience

We assist in the damages claim process with consultations by phone or at the request of the client and with the personal presence of our employee by damage claim in front of the Insurer. The most important thing in serving our customers is the process in case of damage. Omissions and untimely actions in case of damages can lead to irreparable material damages for the client. Assistance in liquidation of damages is our main concern.

The client receives advice on how to proceed with each damage claim depending on the nature of the damage;

Assistance the way of liquidation of damage to be discussed with the client and to be adequately reflected in the claim documentation on the damage;

The Broker helps to complete liquidation of any damage in a satisfactory amount, meeting the General Terms and Conditions and the Framework Offer to the client.