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-Casco Insurance

Akort Broker insures all automobile models against complete loss or partial damages to the vehicle caused by fire, theft, melicious actions of a third party, natural disasters, transportaions accidents, etc.

-Compulsory civil liability and Green card

Civil liability for vehicles covers personal injuries, death, material damagies caused with the insuranced vehicle by its driver or owner to third party which they are responsible according to the liability law.

The Green Card is an International Certificate Of Third Party Motor Insurance that is prepared by motorists on a temporary travel abroad..

-Financial risk insurance

Financial risk insurance offers insurance protection to the dealer, bank creditor, a drawer of a bank guaranty or a lessor against financial loss of profits of the insured, suffered as a result of non-payment of installment/s on the part of the lessee under a leasing agreement.

-Property insurance

Property insurance provides insurance cover for citizens or company properties, can protect also buildings, equipment inventory, supplies, other people`s property etc.

-Medical Travel Insurance

The insurance gives you the opportunity to receive highly qualified medical care in case of an accident or sickness, legal advices if needed, and provides additional insurance cover while traveling or staying abroad.

-Marine and Aviation insurance

Marine insurance covers all types of vessels, except for jets, canoes, water wheels,kayaks and a rubber dinghis.

Aviation Insurance insures aircrafts and offers civil liability of aerial devices for owners and operators.

-Driver Responsibility Insurance

Under this insurance the owner of goods is insured against financial losses, resulting from the damage or loss of goods in the course of transportation.

-Professional responsibility insurance

Responsibility of a Tour Operator, Lawyer`s professional responsibility, Notary`s responsibility, certified public accountant`s responsibility,Responsibility of Doctors and medical staff`,responsibility to third party, product`s responsibility.

-Agricultural insurance

Crop and Livestock-breeding insurance.

-Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident insurance covers you in the event that you are injured in an accident, and provides for contribution towards expenses, which would help for your recovery.

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