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Akort Broker LTD was established in August 2004 as a part of the international financial leasing company Kuehn and Partners.

Akort Broker LTD has been formed to serve the following purposes: the exchange of merchandise, all kinds of transportation insurance, international tourism, construction abroad and all other .citizen needs.

Akort Broker offers all kinds of insurance products such as Casco, Civil Liability, Marine and Aviation insurance, Cargo Insurance, Property insurance, construction and assemby insurance, personal insurance which covers the responsibilities of different kinds of business -contractors, life insurance , etc.

We have a long- term relationship with several leading Insurance and Financial Brokerage European Companies.. We have good collaboration with Banks and Leasing Companies, and we offer very good service because we are independent.

To meet the needs of the increasing number of clients to make the service better Acort Broker formed mobile groups which would cover different regions of the country.

Based on the experience, tradition and the international prestige of the Financial group, which we are part of, our Comapny`s goal to take the lead in the Bulgarian Insurance market as a broker.

On our website you can find more information for the insurance products we offer!

Our daily lives are full of risks and hard to predict futures,that`s why every manager has to make a program to protect the material and human resources. An important and integral part of that program is the insurance plan. Insurance Companies offer a wide variety of insurance products.It is always hard to choose the most suitable plan. That is why you need a profesional mediator, who can make the best desiciion between each clients needs ,offered rates, terms and reliability.

We careful study the needs and the possibilities of our client to find for them the most suitable company and services. We provide full assistance from the moment when an insurance event occures until the time when the client receives the compensation from the insurance. Akort Broker works with all Bulgarian insurance Companies , as well as with other well known Insurers from the Western part of Europe, which offers all kinds of life insurance, common insurance products and auto-assistance.

As a part of Kuehn Leasing Group we have a good team of specialists, and we are trying to offer you a comprehensive financial service, in the leasing realm , or any other desires you may have to finance your ideas.


  • Establishing: 1982
  • Comapny Capital 150 000, 00 EUR
  • 35 Partners




• Kuhn Leasing Bulgaria Ltd.
• Kuhn, Herzog & Partner GmbH, Berlin
• Kuhn & Partner d.o.o., Zagreb, Croatia
• Kuhn & Partner Yugoslavia d.o.o., Belgrad
• Kuhn & Partner Romania s.r.l.
• Kuhn & Partner Hungary Kft.
• Kuhn & Partner Russia OOO
• HERZOG Unternehmensberatung, Berlin

• Bulgarian Chamber of Economy and Industry
• Bulgarian Industrial Association
• German - Bulgarian Chamber of Economy and Industry
• German - Hungarian Chamber of Economy and Industry
• Bulgarian Association for Leasing
• CreditReform
• Ost- und Mitteleuropa Verein e.V.
• Chamber of Economy and Industry (IHK) Hamburg

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